what type of singing does phil anselmo do ??? or give me the name of this type of voice ?? i just need some infos
He's pissed, that's what's up.

I don't know what it's called, but I think that he tightens his stomach muscles a lot when he sings.
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he sings way lower now than he used to in pantera. he used to be able to do rob halford type screams now hes got a very low voice. i think hes a baritone
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He's a pissed-off, drunk yeller, really. He used to have a good proper singing voice, but he put an end to that.
I'll give a little of what I've noticed, as I don't find very many things on his voice, which I assume is because everyone's always so shocked. loljk
He used to have a voice like you and I. Look at their concert at Monsters of Rock in Italy the same year Vulgar Display had come out or som'n like that. He sounds normal, and could scream almost just like on the record. Fast-forward to Ozzfest. His voice has a different power to it. It's more gravelly. It's more heavy. The entire concert by a lot of critics may be considered one of the best of their concerts, maybe. No one cares so long as it's good. Moving on. Look at him now. His voice is not just gravelly. It is lower. Why? I will explain.
When you scream like Phil did, your vocal cords strain. Over time, from straining, in Phil's case they may become permanently damaged, and/or in combination, create MICRO-TEARS in the vocal cords. Slightly larger tears and some of these micro-tears will fix up overtime if you give them the chance. When they do, they're a thicker, more elastic and powerful material, also known as scar tissue. They will give off a different sound, which if there is enough, will be noticably lower. This has happened to James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, and many others. The only thing is people who do that often take it so hard they have a blowout with that everyone will end up hearing about sooner or later, such as in James Hetfield's case. Either that, or you will have these immortal and ever-changing vocal cords, like Dave Mustaines in SOME ways, and, the legendary, Phil Anselmo. It may be based on genetics, technique, or many other things, such as alcohol, or drugs.
This is my opinion on it. Take it or leave it.