The lead line is nice, and really cool to the ears, it does teeter on the line of being repetitive. With some good vocals in there, it should be just fine.

At around bar 17, when the drums kick into that double bass beat, I'd like to hear some held out distorted chords, nothing too fancy, maybe even just open C or something. I do see that there is another guitar playing there, but it's clean, I'd either make that guitar distorted, or add another one doing held out power chords. Of course that's just my opinion, and I'm sure you probably held off on that to add to the build up, that's just how I'd write it.

Loved around bar 41, no complaints at all. And again around bar 53, really jarring, but effective change.

The end... I am a little on the fence about. I don't know if I like that the bass comes in, or that the guitar riff keeps going on, I'd cut it a bit short, and add that second guitar line sooner, personally. But once again, just kind of how I'd go about it.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, thank you for your feedback on my song.
I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
Intro tapping is nice, don't think it needs the bass though. Building up nicely... And...
Drop was a bit unsatisfying. The off the expected beat snare throws things. Drums could've had a nice fill leading into it as well.
The harmony section was awesome, good improvement. The return of the tapping was good, I like the riff with the bends underneath all the tapping.
The hi hat hand clap bit was cool too, nice touch, very proggy.
The next bit with the chords was decent, not as good as the rest though. The next bit is a repeat, worked well though. Solo was good, if not a bit boring.
Ending was decent, bit of a non-event though.

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Okay crittin' as I go:
The intro was wonderful. I really loved those chords you used on the rhythm, they sounded great over top of that lead. Now when it hits bar 17, I personally think it sounds a little off. I was definitely expecting you to continue that beautiful intro. That played in distortion with some big powerchords over top would be amazing, and that's what it sounded like should happen. Just IMO though.

The riff that it does go into though is pretty cool, I liked it with the breakdown-like riff underneath. Bars 37-38 were pretty damn cool. Bar 41 was pretty cool with the drums. As a tip, try out Drum Kit 25 and experiment and enjoy . It'd sound pretty cool there.

Bar 53 didn't really sound like it transitioned that well from the last section. I would try to work on that. However, this section sounded really good. The lead starting at 65 was really nice, pretty melodic and the slides and everything were great. This is exactly my type of solo style, so you pulled that off great!

The outro is pretty good. Although in the intro and outro both, I think that instead of the bass playing the chords/notes, you should have a strings part playing them. I think that would sound around 100 times better, but thats just my opinion.

Anyways, you did an excellent job. YOu filled it with all sorts of melodies, and I liked the mood that you kept throughout. Pretty impressive, but I think you just need to work on those transitions. C4C in my sig?