Good tune.

I like the harmonies you create with the open string chord voicings at the first. These harmonies are fleshed out nicely by the melody introduced after the drum fill.

Slidey riff right after that is really cool; I like how the sliding notes play with the harmonies, going back and forth between different harmonies and dissonance. Thanks for the idea, I might have to play with that idea some.

The drums are decent... they are used well to keep your riffs fresh, periodically switching up under the same riff. I would say you could go ahead and add in more fills... the drums are good, but there are certain parts that get repetitive.

The lead break is awesome, no critiques from me there. Well put together, good phrasing and even better use of harmony.

C4C? It's more like moon rock than indie rock, I kind of went nuts on this one.

I really liked that intro riff and every time it repeats throughout the song. The solo at bar 61 was pretty catchy as well. Pretty solid song, but I'm guessing its not finished? Or is it just going to have an abrupt ending?
I liked the dissonance of the piece. The dissonant chords worked real well with the bass line. The part with the guitars playing different parts was awesome. That is something a screamo band like Gospel would do. The only problem I have with it are the drums. They seem kinda tame for a song like this. With crazier drums the song can feel more intense easy. But yeah it has a lot of similarities to the real screamo bands. And I guess screamo and 90s emo have a lot in common, too.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1481005