so i walked into sam ash today to bother a friend who works there, lo and behold i walk into a large vintage ampeg cabinet priced at 200$. a sales guy said it was a 4x12, but it was tall (could probably fit 6 10's).

i played a gibson firebird into a big muff into a 66' bassman thru the cab and it was flippin sweet.

now a few questions. from a quick google search, i think its a v2 cab. the v2 head is a 60 watt head, so the cab probably isnt made to handle too much wattage..

my head is 150 watts (at 4 ohms, the ampeg cab is wired for 8), and i deff dont want to blow out the speakers should i get the cab. any info on the wattage of the cab?

because my amp is solid state, and puts out 150 watts at 4 ohms and less at 8, would the cab be ok?
any other info on the cab ya guys have is much appreciated

First rule of old cabinets:
Try to get it out to and into your car before paying. Most of these things have extra baffles and deflectors and weigh enough to influence tidal activity.

If weight doesn't bother you, the fact that it's rated for less than half of your amp's output should. I would not buy that cab. It doesn't at all match what you're working with. Even at 8 ohms I wouldn't trust the cab to handle that much power.
im having my friend bring his SUV for that reason. its a beast

i read on another site that the cab is rated for 120, but i dont know that i trust it. the head that originally came with the cab is a 60 watt head, not the cabinet.
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