I have 2 questions.

We have an intro song we want to play before our show, but all we have is an ipod.
Would an AUX Cable work in a PA System thats provided in the venue or do we need some special Quarter Inch Cable? What other ways can we make the sounds be produced live?

Second Question.
If we wanted to have the lights cut off until the 'breakdown', but the venue isn't exactly a big venue and its like a community place, would we have to have the people that work there cut off the lights or can we like have a friend do it? ( I know this is like..the stupidest question ever, but hopefully someone gets what I'm trying to say)

Here's the venues specs:
Front of House:
Stereo 3-way system consisting of (4) Yorkville Elite 2x18" subs, with (4) custom built 2x12/2" tops (PAS and Radian components) QSC power. Allen & Heath GL2200 console (24 inputs, 4 bus, 6 auxes). 1/3 octave stereo EQ. DBX Driverack Cross-over.

4 discrete mixes from FOH with (3) EV QRX 115/75 wedges, and 2x15" drum box. QSC power, 1/3 octave EQ on all mixes.

(1) Roland SPX900, (8) channels of DBX comp/gate

(5)Shure SM57's and (5)SM58's, Shure Beta 52, AKG D112, (3)Sennheiser 604's, AKG C1000, 4 DI Boxes.
I don't you see why it wouldn't work. and even if for some reason it doesn't your amp might have a place you could plug it into as well. Sure I'm not that educated in the fields of live sound, but I think I sort of know what im talking about
buy a 3.5mm male-to-male cord and buy a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter for it. its not expensive. most venues don't provide that. depending on the sounds guy. then you'd plug into a DI box(this should be provided. i haven't been to a gig where the isn't one available) on the stage and then you'd just play it through that.