im getting alot of hum from these new single coils i have installed in my guitar. alot more than the stock ones. when i put the new pickups in there was alot of wire so i placed the curled up wire under the pickups. the wire is covered in that traditional waxed cloth. is the wire under the pickups the problem?
I doubt it but if you're curious and you can use a soldering iron it'll take a couple of minutes and some solder to pull the wires through to the electronics cavity, cut them to length and resolder. That will answer your question.

A more realistic reason for obnoxious hum is a bad ground. Check all of your solder connections, then do it again. I'd put money on a bad connection to ground, probably at the jack.

Beyond that, I got nothin'.
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i have 2 amps and the same problem with both. i guess im going to open up the guitar and have a look
bad solder joints can cause that. are the solder spots dull or shiny? they should be shiny, dull isnt good.
or a broken bridge grounding wire, or you may just need to do some shielding
id check to see if your ground wire from the trem claw (or bridge if theres no trem) is there, or if its broken

one thing. does it hum only WHEN you touch it? or does it hum UNTIL you touch it?
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check your solder joints and check the grounding.
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Extra wire does cause hum. If there is a lot of extra wire cut it out.

Bad solder joints also causes hum. If you are using lead solder the joints should be shinny. Also, if you replaced ceramic single coils with alnico, then you are probably going to get more hum from that too. The alnico has a stronger magnetic pull which means the extra noise is amplified more. Finally, if you wired the pickups backwards they still work but will generate more hum so make sure you have them wired with the correct wire running to hot and ground.

I have also noticed that lot of people accedently disconnect the bridge ground when they wire in new pickups. Make sure your bridge is grounded well because a poorly grounded bridge causes lots and lots of noise.
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Most times shielding the inside of your axe is biggie and making sure the shielding is grounded to your jack... I prefer my ground to be twice as thick as the signal wire... Example: 22 gauge stranded wire, gets a 18 gauge ground , including the guitar cable itself, unless your wireless, if ya know how to solder your own cables I use Star-Quad mic cable even if it's a 1/4" TS connection, heck why not... Still hummin? It's your amp...
Maybe it's just your old pickups were low output, and these are higher?
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Make it work good sir. Try playing with your equalizer settings a bit
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