Why not just ask?
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Just by the post he doesn't seem to much like he'd know or take interest in checking, But I'll give it a shot
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Doubt it, dust covers are pretty big.

Not that I'm a speaker expert but every V30 I've seen have smaller dust covers like this:
some blue voodoo cabs have V30's, others have some kinda crate speaker. the crate speakers have the bigger dust caps.
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those blue voodoo cabs come stock with V30's/ the ones that dont come with them are the cabs with the straight "CRATE" Logo. like the one i have in my pics >.>

just make sure he didnt swap the speakers out to keep and replace them with crappy ones.
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I thought from your previous thread you'd just found a good sound with your current rig. So why do you want this? Resale?
Just ask man. Even if we knew what was stock in the cab it doesn't mean he didn't switch them.
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