So I want to learn pentatonic scales and i was just curious if someone could help me out by pointing out the best way to learn something like the A minor pentatonic scale, whats the best lesson to follow. Any and all help is much appreciated.
Learn the theory behind the scale, learn the notes on the fretboard, learn how to connect the notes of said scale in every way in every place on the fretboard from any of the scale notes. There are obviously some helpful ways, like learning the scale in each position on the neck, but I personally wouldn't rely on that too much or else you might become as it's called, "stuck" in one place on the neck and won't be able to improvise/solo out of that position.

I might not know what I'm talking about, so maybe someone else will explain it better.
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I actually learnt them through a series on playing the blues. I taught the scale shapes, one by one, it taught some licks in each shape, which note you can bend in it with out leaving the notes in the scale, and demonstrated how to use it.

If you want to try that here it is:


What you can also do to help you do it is play every shape of the scale up the neck, so you play it in F, then F#, then G, G# etc etc.... This will get the shapes in your muscle memory.

And learn the scale with the chord shape that fits best with them, so major pentatonic position 1 goes with the E shaped bar chord, because the root notes in the same place.

D shaped chord with shape 2, C shape with pos 3, A shape with 4, G shape with 5.
You may also try, same as cccp2006 said, learn the notes.

After learning the notes

1. start by choosing a root note

2. Play the scale on a single string up and down

3. You can optionally play that scale on one string on all the strings starting with the same root note

3. Play it on 2 strings up and down, just build it up from there, you will start to recognize shapes much better