Hi Guys! I have re-recorded my song and did some little changes onto it. The recording itself is still not good as I just used the internal microphone of my old reliable lenovo thinkpad laptop and just used reaper to perform some tweaks and modification.

It's just your typical pop-rock/punk alternative love song,
Looking forward for your comments when it comes to the song composition itself and how it sounds. And also, some feedback/recommendation to further improve my recordings.

Thank you!

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Hey, you have nice song here. I realy love the vocals. I think that intro (guitar) is to slow, 'cause its a bit boring. Otherwise I think there mostly are nice, good parts, that fits in a song.
Take time and make good record out of that. I suggest you add good drums and good constant groove, it would make song more interesting.
Nice vocals, keep up the good work.

If you are interested in listening to one of my song, feel free and invited to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZWRjUFC8p4&feature
Cheers, Gasper
Thanks for the feedback. Yep, I guess the start is a bit slow that kinda make the whole song a bit jaggy and a bit long. Will try to work this out further. Thanks again!