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This is probably a daft question, but how do you set up the hardware to record with the UX2? Currently I have the usb cable plugged into the pc, the guitar into the normal input and headphones connected to the headphone port but when i use the record feature on the ableton live lite that came with it (and several other programs) nothing gets recorded. There's nothing at all, not even noise.

I've searched the internet for an answer but I can't seem to find one. I was under the impression it recorded through the usb cable but maybe I'm wrong? If so, how would I connect the UX2 up to record through my PC?
You should download Reaper. It is free. It is much more easy to use and works.

The reason why ableton doesn't work is probably because you haven't chosen the input.
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Open POD Farm 2. The disc should have came with the UX2.
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I've chosen it as input and have pod farm 2 running, but still nothing happens

EDIT: switched to reaper, is working now. Thanks for everyones input
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