I don't see this fourm anywhere else. So what I want to know is what is your favorite/the best type of floyd rose to use. All opinions matter. Possible topics: Best licensed floyd rose? Compare the OFR and a licesenced floyd rose? Gotoh vs. Schaller? The possiblities are probably endless!! Go nuts!!! _\,,/
Isn't this purely personal? Like... That's why Kirk Hammett use an OFR and Steve Vai/Joe Satriani use the Edge for example?

EDIT: Unless you only mean the "Floyd Rose" system. At which point I feel like the OFR is better than the rest.
yeah OFR>LFR's except for Gotoh in my opinion I like the most. If ANY FR style trem I think the original Ibanez Edge is by far the best, IMO again.
titanium is the best material they make floyds in. but better is a subjective term. ive always backed up LFR's because they hold tune just as well as the OFR's, the only difference being the material the unit is made out of is cheaper and will wear out faster.
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Yes it is a personal opinion. SInce there is no fourm that just ask people what types of floyds they prefer I thought I would just see what people like. Especially because of the different types of floyds.
OFR, but I don't really like Floyd's.
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The titanium OFR, but its ridiculously priced, due to the titanium. The OFR won't last as long as the Ti-OFR. The titanium lasts much longer and also helps increase sustain.
We can't say that the Ti Floyd is actually harder than the OFR without knowing what the alloy is comprised of. Most people, including many of you, don't understand that they could make it out of 10% titanium and still say it's made of titanium as though it's the only metal used. A hardened steel baseplate is easily hard enough to withstand a few lifetimes worth of playing if well cared for. The only thing titanium really has over steel is corrosion resistance. Titanium is only a 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale while hardened steel is around 8. To get anything much harder than that you are getting into ceramics, which are very brittle. My guess is the titanium Floyd is identical to the steel one as far as durability goes.
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I recently purchased a Takeuchi Jackson JT580, made in either the late 80s or early 90s. It's been used, and the posts are grooved from turning them under tension, but the knife edge is perfect and it's a solid trem, flutters, holds a tune and everything. Anyone that knows who Takeuchi is will likely tell you they make the LoTRS for Ibanez and it's junk, so steer clear. Well, the LoTRS I don't have any experience with, but it might not hold up too well to height adjustments under pressure, or maybe it's just junk. But I do know first hand that Takeuchi can make a really great tremolo, and I'm inclined to look into the TRS-101 next time I need a trem. I also looked into buying a Schaller made JT590, but I found out that Schaller made the base plate out of zinc

I'd pit that tremolo(Takeuchi JT580), the Ibanez LoPro, and the Ibanez ZR2 against an Schaller or a Schaller made OFR any day of the week. And since Gotoh makes the LoPro, I'm willing to bet their own tremolo will hold up against them as well, perhaps even doing better with it's brass block and locking studs.