I know you people like pictures, so lets start off with those.

The neck looks a little bright on this one, but that's due to me not being a good photographer

It's an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (limited edition) with EMGs.
She's a real beauty, the pics don't really show the awesome color.
All black hardware with a glossy finish, with a bright maple fretboard and same color binding.
The neck and body are mahogany.

I was drawn between a Gibson Les Paul Studio and this in the store, but the Epiphone just felt so much better. Also the Gibson was really basic, but the epi had grover tuners and all.
Was a little sceptical about the pickups (emg 81/85) but I quite like them.
Cleans are better than expected, and it roars on high-gain.
The neck pickup does seem to be louder than the bridge pickup. I don't know if this is just 'perceived' volume because there are more mids/low end, or if it's real.
I'll raise the neck pickup a bit, That'll balance it out a bit.
That's Sexy! How much was it?
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Nice. How do you like the Grover's? I have a Les Paul with them on it and I tune it about once a month, it's ridiculous, lol.
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Paid €639 (879 US$) for it. And yes, it's sexy ;O

And I had to tune it a couple of times already but that's because they're new strings.

I think it's looking at me, asking for love and attention
Please say the back of that neck is unfinished?

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very nice!Looks very great.
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Love me some Epiphone win! \m/

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Les Paul with a maple fretboard just looks.... odd to me. But, it is unique, and looks good. HNGD!
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never seen that guitar before...really unique, enjoy
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