First off Thanks to Badgerific for this one, Awesome Trader.

So, Spoils of war, We have 1 Modded Big Muff Pi U.S.A
in the vintage style big metal casing,

Pictures you ask?! Pictures you shall recieve...

Ok So you see the first mod, Led has moved. hmm, interesting.

"A switch on the back?!) you say, read on...

"Wtf is this? " All will be revealed young Padawans.

Now your just shitting me.


So What we have is a Pretty Tasty Modded Big Muff.

I'll run through the switches with you.

rear- Tone Stack switch, Switches between Tone and no Tone, Allows the overdrive to shine through without any colouration. Very transparent, Great for straight up Blues'n'roll or as a boost.

Front upper. - We have the standard controls, and underneath them are two gain stage switches, allowing Full Germanium or Sillicon operation, Or a mix, and this is where the real veratility of this pedal shines.
you can go from Wall of sound, to light vintage breakup at the flip of a swich or two,
and to counteract the quietness of the Germanium resitors we come to out next mod.

Front Middle Rhs.-Volume boost ( switchable) does what it says on the tin, VERY useful,

Front Bottom Left- Relocated LED.

And not to forget, the black skil screening has been removed,
giving the pedal a more badass look.

and A Little video overviewing the Pedal. ( no clips yet :P Clips soon)

Very cool dude. HNPD!
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really nice!!

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In the off chance you have a phillips head i'd love to see the insides