I have been looking at a Fender 62 Telecaster Custom which is supposed to be a 2007 guitar. On the heel of the neck it has "Made in Japan" and a serial number which starts with T0 followed by 5 more digits.

I thought that anything this recent would have "Crafted in Japan" on it and not "Made in Japan" unless I've completely misunderstood the online guides.

Is the fact that this guitar has "Made in Japan" on the neck heel suspicious or are the guides just not up to date?


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but it seems to me that I've read here that the '52 and '62 Custom reissues were basswood in the MIJ era and ash / alder thereafter.

this makes me think that the guitar you are looking at has something to d0 with this. i am be no means an expert though.
Thanks for the info. Went to a shop today that had two in, a new one a one which was a couple of years old and they were both "made in japan".

Lovely guitars.

Seems to be a pretty righteous little tele. How much do they want for it?
Just to follow this up...

In the end I bought a Japanese 62 reissue from an ebay auction. Generally the guitar is in very good condition but had one low fret on the low e-string on the 11th fret. We couldn't work out whether it had always been like that or it had been dinged somehow. Anyway, took it straight round to my local guitar shop and they levelled all the frets and set it up with new strings. Paid £500 for the guitar and £65 for the fret levelling and set up... pretty happy with that.

Plays really nicely now and sounds fantastic. It's been upgraded with fender nocaster pickups which sound superb to me.

Unfortunately I only picked it up from the guitar shop on friday afternoon, played with it for about half an hour and then went out for a few beers with mates, fell off a wall (don't ask) and needed 4 stitches in my forehead, cut my right hand up and sprained the two middle fingers on my left hand so at the moment all I can do is look at it rather than play it... d'oh.