So bass forum, thanks to your help I finally decided on a Fender American Standard P-bass, which I patiently saved up for and finally purchased today.

As soon as I got home I started playing, and about two hours in, as my luck would have it, my amp nearly died (or as far as I could tell). It started fluctuating in volume and cutting out and making horrible crackling sounds, so I rushed to google to see what was going on.

A couple people said that it could be dirty pots so I used the little contact cleaner I had in combination with lots of knob twisting to resolve the problem.

Now, when I play my open E, or 3-9 on A I get this loudish buzzing/vibrating sound coming from the amp, like metal against metal sort of.

I looked around online again and made some calls and it could possibly be something loose inside of the amp that vibrates when I hit those certain frequencies. Nothing conclusive, though.

It is a GK 175 watt (backline 115) and I have no clue how old it is (I bought it used around Christmas last year).

My question is should I take it to this amp repair place, get it checked out, wait the 3 week turn around time and get it repaired, or just replace it? I've never needed any amp repair so I wouldn't even begin to know how to estimate the pricing, nor do I really know how good of an amp it was new.

Any advice, info, suggestions, or anything is very appreciated.
Thank you much
Well, first of all the GK Backline series speakers are notorious for blowing out, but only at high volumes, and during gigs. That could be a possibilty - but you should try with your other basses if you have not yet. Since its a new bass, there could be some wiring issues.

Does the bass itself have a different EQ then what your use to? Maybe you've dialed in too much bass of treble for a 1x15 to handle.
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That's a good idea, I'll try turning town the bass and treble.
And yes, I did try with my old bass and the same problem resulted, but ill try once more with the different EQ.
Okay, after messing with the EQ, I've got it down to a very slight buzz on my 3rd fret on A and an average buzz on 8-10 on low E (which isnt a big deal because I don't use those frets a whole lot and it isn't too noticeable if the notes aren't held for long).
I'm on a budget, it works, my guitar sounds great.
I'll simply make due until I can afford a Peavy or Fender combo.
Thanks a million (or whatever an amp repair costs) for the help Vypor