hey there guitar heroes !

i want to buy a new electric guitar and im kind of in a pinch here, cant seem to make up my mind

im stuck choosing between an Epiphone Les Paul , Schecter Damien 6 FR and a Schecter C-1 .

what do you guys think?
I think if your going to by an Epiphone LP, you need to spend more than 400 dollars on it to get your moneys worth.

If your new to the guitar, a guitar with a FR is probably going to stress you out, so I'd go with the Schecter C-1 Classic.

Of course, there are other/better options
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I don't think you need to spend that much on an Epiphone Les Paul! If you really don't like the pickups in it then just change them out, you can set it up youself and put new pickups in yourself.
Epiphone Les Paul's are great guitars. I personally use a custom that I got for $600 and the thing has been treating me well, no problems, for 3 years. I'd go with it, why not!
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i have no idea about the schecters, but ive got a pair of epiphone les pauls and they play quite nicely, if youre not bothered about new, you can usually find one or two on ebay for under £200 (no idea how much it is in dollars)
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@ Vypor : and they are?

i've read people saying about how the epiphone LP's are not as good as they were (no idea why).

What about the schecter omen 6?