I just bout an Audio-technia microphone from my local music store. I'm very tight on cash at the moment, so I can't dish out more money for an entire P.A. system. Can someone let me know how I can use the microphone with a marshall guitar amp for the time being? Is there an adapter so that I can input the microphone cord into the amplifier directly?

Thank you.
Which Marshall amp is it?
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Quote by kutless999
Which Marshall amp is it?

It's my friends MG. Yes I know, MG's are shit, but he plays bass now and the marshall is just sitting around.
Yea you can get an XLR to 1/4" adapter from Guitar Center or something. Maybe even Radioshack.
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It will sound terrible. Hire a PA if you can't afford to buy one.
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I use our shitty line 6 spider 212 for vocals for jamming in the basement and It gets the job done. However it definitely leaves something to be desired tone-wise.

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Terrible idea.

To begin with, Microphones send a balanced signal. A guitar amp receives an unbalanced signal. If you get an XLR to TS adapter or short cable, one of the pins are either connected to the same terminal, or left open and ungrounded.

If they are connected to the same terminal, then the signals cancel out and you will get a very weak signal.

If one line is left open and hanging, you will pick up external noise very easily. It will work, but yuuuck. At the very least get a behringer mini mixer and plug it into the line in of the amp.
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