Neon pink DR's are the best looking strings probably.
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dunlop strings, bright tone for cut and the low strings have enough tension for fast rhythms and the high strings can be easily bent and don't have a sharp, edgy feeling under your fingers like ernie balls
Dunlop Acoustic .10s on an Epiphone SG.
I got the Acoustic set by accident, but i put them on anyway.
They sounded great for bluesy riffs and some Synth-y styled sounds when i used a Big Muff, since the Treble sounds don't really get picked as good as normal Electric strings.

I really like the feel of Acoustic strings, so if your looking for a warm tone you should at least try it out.
I love Ernie Balls, specifically the Slinkies. They're great strings and last a long time. Depending on what you get they are extremely easy to play and bend.
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Neon pink DR's are the best looking strings probably.

Got them on my black strat right now and they're wicked
On a more serious note dr blues pure nickels are incdredible.
I heard Dunlop strings are awesome from many people, but I never played them. I should definately try them out.

Always lasted longer, sounded better and were more stable than all the other strings I tried....

Also I have a particular dislike for Ernie Ball strings. I thought they started of sounding great but 'went off' very quickly.... never liked them.... but anyways, it's all personal preference.
What ever are the cheapest, usually the 10 pks.

On electric guitars I hear little or no tone variations between brands of the same material, but there is tone change between steel, nickle wound, and 100% nickle. In my experience they all last about the same amount of time.

I have been told that there are only a few string manufacturers in the US that supply all the differernt string companies in the country.
Either D'Addario, Dunlops or Dean Markley Blue Steel. Haven't tried anything than D'Addario on my LP yet, I liked Dean Markley Blue Steels the most on my Ibanez.
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D'addarios but i'm using ernie balls because thats what my local shop stocks but i'm going to try rotovibes because they're cheap and they bring an extra string
Ernie Ball's are the only brand I've tried that don't constantly snap on me, regardless of gauge or gimmicky coatings etc.
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My favorites are the Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottoms. Tension on the top strings. Flex on the bottom. I've never broken one of those either. In my opinion, DR's die pretty quickly and I've had nothing but problems with D'addario.
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DR black beauties. i love them. i have yet to break one and they stay quite nice for a good long while.
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For both electric and acoustic D'Addario all the way, I have tried lots of different strings and these are the ones that really stand out IMHO, they sound beautiful and really lasts. Only Elixir's are more durable but they don't sound as good as D'Addarios's...