this is a new song im working on

im pretty happy with what i got right now but dont know were to take it from here yet , if any one has suggestions let me know or feel free to add or change something if you want.
Glory and Honor.zip
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EDIT: Okay for real now. It was pretty damn good. It had that sort of "glorious, epic, adventure" feel to it throughout which I'm not really a huge fan of. But I could still see that it was written well. Are you planning to have singing overtop? I think some low growls would sound awesome overtop of the verse.

As for where to go from here, I think it'd be great to have an acoustic break, since that acoustic in the chorus sounded great for the song. Maybe have an acoustic riff under the distorted/overdriven powerchord rung out, and then have a melodic clean guitar line underneath?
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Sounded very neo-classically. "Epic" and "glorious" like someone said. My favorite part is by far the lead part starting at 21. The first 2 bars of the pre-chorus really caught my attention, but the following 2 bars sounded kind of wimpy. If you fix that, it would make the chorus sound stronger. The chorus also started out pretty good, but sounded weak in the end. I don't really like the key change at bar 7. I DID, however, like the key change from E to D at the verse. If you do change the key change at 7, be sure to change the verse so the change sounds relatively the same (for example, if you make bar 7 in the key of F, make sure the verse is a step down from F, which is Eb).
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you shouldnt leave bars 7-10 as they are now, there's no reason to change the chord progression there at all. You could get it to work if you change the drums but I don't think it's worth it.

The transition to the verse is realy awkward. Not only the transition, but also the part itself, it just doesnt sound good to me but that may just be my taste. I would however change teh drums around, it's just about time for a change in the drums.

Pre Chorus.
If you have lyrics overit it may be okay. If you don't then shorten it.

Same problem as with the rest of this song, it all sounds rather similar. If you keep it up like taht for another verse+pre chorusü chorus it may end up repetitive and boring.

I'd scrap that second part of the intro and tweak the verse a bit to make it stand out more. I'm not a fan of pre chorusses at all so I'd also shorten it.

Anyway, im not saying this song is bad, just pointing out some things that came to mind. As you said it's a WIP so there's still time to change things around and see what works best.

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