I have two guitars - a Highland jazzbox, and a Dillion DR450-fx (hollowbody). Both are the same width at the nut (1-11/16"), but my fingers feel more comfortable on the jazzbox doing my C scales. Why do you think that is?
different scale, different action, different strings, different frets, different fretboard radius, different neck radius

that's what i can think about from a top of my head. i guess you use same strings and have same scale (too lazy to google) so it's probably different fretboard radius and different action.
I'm using D'addarios on the jazzbox, and DR Blues on the Dillion. Come to think of it, the Dillion was more comfortable with D'addarios. It was easier to get my fingers on the right frets and strings.

Will that get better with time? Or do you recommend changing back to my old strings?

Also, this may be a dumb question if there is one - could the pick have anything to do with it? I'm used to different picks for each guitar; and I'm playing the Dillion with the pick I usually use for the jazzbox.
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Everything has something to do with it. But some things more than others. Your pick is part of it, but your strings, action, and neck probably have loads more to do with it.
pretty much all strings have different feel from each other. if you put two different string packs on the guitars, they will never feel exactly the same. It's probably not gonna change much with time. I'd recommend using whichever strings are most comfortable and best sounding for you ^^ You can also try out some other brands.(I personally love elixirs, but lots of people dislike their feel. They're also probably not the best for jazzy/bluesy sound)

The pick won't affect the feel of the strings but can affect your comfort as well. Again, try out as many picks as you can and find the sweet one(s) for you ^^