First , if you haven't done this already , check out " We need to LIVEN THIS PLACE UP " sticky thread above before reading this ...

Now , one of the great ideas mentioned in that thread is a weekly post , featuring a main topic related to acoustic or classical guitar ... which I intend to start ...

So , what topic should i start with ? ( history of the acoustic guitar ( the instrument ) , great acoustic / classical masters , acoustic songs that made people turn off their amplifiers , acoustic story of the week , acoustic guitar of the week , story of an acoustic UG guitarist ....)

Your suggestions are appreciated , thank you in advance ...

Participating in this weekly post is VERY welcome , all of you guys are better than me , so i need all the help i can get

So , what do you guys think ?
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i'd be more interested in your own guitar experiences, preferences, stories.
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I think you should get the acoustic ____s of the week going. All of those could be started...then once they are started you could let them sort of run themselves and then do the others as you have time. (or if the acoustic area needs a shot of adrenaline)

I am glad you are trying to help this old girl out...she needs it....
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I'd be up for an acoustic guitar of the week thread and an acoustic "masters" thread. I can only hang out in GG&A for so long until the "what amp for metal?" and "what distortion pedal?" questions get on my nerves. Not that their is anything wrong with metal or people asking those sorts of questions, but it is just a never ending stream of the same thing day after day.
I think I'd like to see an acoustic guitar of the week. Only because I love seeing great instruments that aren't brought to light very often. Although I would also really like to see profiles on the great guitarists of the past (and present).
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I'm really interested in the history of guitar. Maybie get that going.
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What acoustic guitar is best for death tech full blown hard core metal and how do I hook it up to my 6 distortion pedals?????

Sorry, coundn't help myself.
Well , I think a "various " type of thread is a good starting point , each week's post is different from week before , keeps things interesting ...

Now, to work
PS : English is not my first language
I like this idea, I think getting the ball rolling will be the toughest part.

I also like the idea of sharing stories or experiences while playing. Maybe the story of the week thing could hold water.