So I have this modified Fender Hot Rod Deluxe II. I'm not sure exactly what was modified, as my amp tech did it, and I don't remember what he did. The tubes are original, but the speaker is different. So, I ended up spending probably over $300.00 doing that (what he did made it actually sound amazing, but he kept it in the shop to demo his $5,000+ guitars over his 60's Fenders. When I picked it up, he had four others that he was doing based of off my amp ). So it's been almost a year since then. I only use this amp for rehearsals, but rarely for shows, since i have my twin. I also bought the extension cab, and threw in the same speaker i put in actual amp. This amp does way a good amount though.

I've been considering this for a while, would it be worth to convert it to a head? I already have a cab, which i would keep in my rehearsal space (HRD cab), then i'd ge something for at home. my only issue is i feel like i'd be spending (including the new cab, old cab, previous and future mods, tubes, etc.) well over $1,000 of off this amp. I'm not sure how much the head conversion may be, but I'd probably end up doing some mercury magnetics upgrades, and new tubes. Would it be worth getting it built into a head - cab?

Thanks in advance
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