Okay so here's my problem. When I sing, my voice sounds great in my head, but when I record and play it back, it sounds pretty bad really. How do I here what I actually sound like whilst I'm singing?

EDIT: Oh and while I have this thread open, my voice sounds super wobbly, how do I strengthen my voice so it sounds powerful? Will this just come with practice?
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One easy trick to become really conscious of your own voice is to just cover your ears and sing. It's almost like your voice gets amplified.
sing through a PA more, also record more. Then fix what needs to be fixed. When it sounds amazing in your head, it will end up sounding good on recordings. This is why most singers are the cockyest member of the band, they think they're better than they are. Just record more and you will get better
This is a phase that I think most singers go through when they start. You're not used to the "real" sound of your voice, only how you think it sounds, and so when you hear it recorded, you think it sounds bad. This is what you sound like to everyone else. It can be a bit of a harsh truth to learn, but way better to learn it now than learning it on the stage (which is unfortunately what I did as a 16 year old). Over time you'll learn to recognise the true sound of your voice without recording it, but for now that's the best way to do it. Record yourself over and over and try things until you're happy with your sound. This can take a while!
This is what I'm going through right now, It's like "woah, I nailed it" then I listen to the recording and it's sooooo bad. Heartbreaking.
Yes, you're hearing back what everyone else hears, some good advice above.

Now don't take this as a drawback. Many singers will just ignore what everyone else says and go along in their imaginary world thinking they're great. Better to know your flaws and address them.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.