does anyone else wrtie better clean stuff than they do hardcore riffs? i dont have problems comin up with clean melodies and stuff like that, i feel like when the guitar has a clean affect im not limited, but when i have dist on, im limited 2 those e and a strings, it cant get out of this damn rut, ive tried using scales to write new stuff. doesnt help, ive tried listening 2 a whole bunch of other music and still nothin. i hate being really generic when it comes to riffing. my clean stuff ive been told is really good, somebody even told me it was beautiful one time. but my hardcore stuff just sucks. any ideas?
try writing on another instrument if you can play something else (e.g piano). if not, try learning songs from styles of music you might rarely listen to, by broadening your musical horizon you can take elements from one genre and incorporate and redefine it into another
i have the same problem you'r probably trying to hard to push out riffs just play and let the riffs come later.
or you could play clean come up with something then play that distorted and modify.
already tried all of these, espicialy the, play what u play clean with dist and modify. but my clean stuff was not built for dist haha. ughhhhh. i hate my riffs. i feel i need a massive break through how do all the greats get where they are? hetfiled? dime?(rip) slash. scott ian.
Quote by Vicious_Turtle
already tried all of these, espicialy the, play what u play clean with dist and modify. but my clean stuff was not built for dist haha. ughhhhh. i hate my riffs. i feel i need a massive break through how do all the greats get where they are? hetfiled? dime?(rip) slash. scott ian.

Practice. Chances are they were in the same spot you're in now.
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Look at 80s Metal/Rock. Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Priest, Maiden, just to name a few. They all do some pretty great distorted riffs, and they use more than just the 2 thickest strings. Check out Girls, Girls Girls by Motley; That song uses all 6 strings for it's riffs, and they're still pretty "heavy/hardcore" as far as I'm concerned. Wild Side is another one, and it mainly sticks on the ADGBe strings. Painkiller by Priest is a good one to learn, as is Number Of The Beast by Maiden. Both have pretty heavy riffs without staying all over the thick strings with heavy chords (Painkiller is mostly the E and A, but it's heavy without being OMGBRUTALCHORDS like Metallica). Power Metal could probably teach you a thing or two, as could All That Remains & Killswitch Engage (They tend to play all over the neck).
Try adding distortion to your clean melodies? If you find your creative process limited by distortion, cut it out of the equation and don't worry about it. When you have a part you like and are satisfied with, see how it sounds with distortion.
I'm assuming most of your riffs are based in power chords, so mixing in single notes and harmonics may help you write distinctive riffs.
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I would ask where you inspiration for your riffs is coming from. What's your source material? Are you listening to the world around you and using it as grist for the mill?
ive tried the less gain thing, doesnt work. as well as unusual chords. i mix single notes with power chords already. my inspiration comes from these sources. metallica. guns n roses. pantera. ac/dc, jake e lee, the piano stuff from zakk wylde such as order of the black and hangover music. pretty much all his piano stuff i absolutely love. as well as some of his guitar stuff. elton john, bad company, jeff buckley. red hot chili peppers. a whole bunch of stuff. but i mainly like to play metal. like metallica and megadeth and stuff like that.
It sounds like it might be time to expand your music horizons.
Seriously though, My playing improved greatly from taking influence from things I wouldn't otherwise listen to.

Are you trying to write like the some of the bands you've listed?
That could cause your playing to sound like things you're used to hearing very often (Generic)
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i will deffinatly be willing to try. have any suggestios? and please dont say these new djent bands. (o look i made a riff thats in 16:5 timing and sounds like shit. im awsome!) i hate that crap hah
Maybe try a key change or two. Yes you may be playing the same riff, but changing the key its in may make it a little more interesting.

Also, maybe try string-skipping hen composing new riffs.
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1. Maybe focus on clean stuff if thats your talent
2. Don't just listen to new music, learn it and analyse how they might have written the riffs in it, then try to apply those techniques to your writing.
3. Start playing with other guitarists or musicians who play metal and you'll learn to look at music differently. Playing in a band completely changed the way I play and listen to music
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Dont think about it so much, I think everyone has had hard times writing hooks. These days i just go play a chord and work something around it - using scales as references only, what i mean by this - dont feel that you're limited to just those notes. If i had examples of my band's stuff then I'd post that because we get praise for our riffs.

Best advice - get a drummer to jam out a beat, feel the groove and put some notes to it.
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