I have a guitar with superlight ernie ball electric strings. And every time I tune one string, the previous one goes out of tune. Anyone know what that could be?
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I'm assuming your playing a standard acoustic guitar with a fixed bridge.

1) Personally I wouldn't use electric strings as they are already super thin and I hate how they sound on acoustic but if you like it whatever.

2)If your your strings can't hold a tuning it probably because your tuning heads are slipping, they can usually be tightened. Even if you do need new ones it won't cost you more then $80 bucks for a nice set.

3) It's entirely possible you messed up when you where re-stringing your guitar or was to lazy to do a proper job, I ended up doing this once and ruined a set of strings because one snapped. So if there is nothing wrong with your Tuning knobs then it's probably just because your strings are slipping.