Ok so the other guitarist of my band got a peavey 3120 and an orange 212. His amp blends well with mine in the mix (6534+) because he has more high end amd less low end while i have more low end than him but less high end.

Im in the market for a new cab right now and im really starting to think the modern recto cabs is what my amp needs so i may pick that up fpr live use.

Then im thinking a mesa roadster combo for my own use/small shows. But for recording, using the roadster and 6534+ into the same mesa cab blending the 2 amps for our rhytym tones for our EP. Good idea?
Sure, but the Roadster may not complement the 6534+ as well as you might hope.
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How would it not?
Im just kinda curious as my peavey is fairly tight the roadster is more bigger sounding