so im having some icecream and its real good. everyone say their favorite icecream creations
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any flavour is equally amazing just keep the shit off the top and inside ffs toppings are shit

damn i love pretty much 2 kinds of toppings- whipped cream, and any chocolate syrup or hot fudge

The real Fenton's (which is mentioned in the movie Up) makes the best ice cream ever. So good. Now I'm craving it, thanks TS
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I love you

Who's in a bunker?
Who's in a bunker?
Women and children first
And the children first
And the children
Rocky Road. Tons of sprinkles. Whipped Cream. Chocolate Syrup.
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How many of you are vegan?
Hopefully none

Does anyone know any fun recipes?
Yeah a big juicy flank steak

What can be done with tofu?
Nothing it taste like crap

Is there such thing as vegan meat? Vegan sausages ect
mint chocolate.

Best ice cream Ever!!
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Fuck yes you are the best poster ever

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Mint chocolate chip
Cookie dough
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Beat me to it.

Mint chocolate chip, I suppose.
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Pistachio and Chocolate <3
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You sir, are a giant c*** and you finger will forever haunt my dreams.

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Coco-Loco is the finest bit of meat on the butcher block.
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What happened to Snake?




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you can take my mouse and keyboard from my cold, slightly orange from cheetos, dead fingers

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Isis is amazing
Black Rasberry

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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

Get a bowl of vanilla ice-cream. Drown it in hot chocolate sauce. Wait til it melts.
And then enjoy a bowl of ice-cream soup.
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Chocolate and vanilla in a mixture. It's lovely.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Vanilla with hot chocolate sauce and M&M's and Butterfingers. Mmmmm....

I don't eat ice cream very often.
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Cold. I would describe my ideal ice cream as cold.

"You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"
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