I'm just wondering what pedals I should get next..

I play ambient/worship, and somewhat love Hardcore/Marshall/Mesa Rect sounds.

I play a Schecter C-1 Classic with JB/Jazz into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

I have the following pedals:
Dunlop Crybaby Original
Earnie Ball Volume Pedal Jr.
Boss TU2
Boss NS2
Boss DD20 w/tap
Line 6 DL4 Delay

I can get the sounds I want, but I'm wondering what Overdrives I should get, also if a POG or a reverb pedal, eq pedal is good for my type playing?

I want to get a OD that is versatile, one that is Very punchy, low end.

Let me know what's on your boards, and give me some idea's!

Thanks, my budget is more is less than 300$.
- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Fender Hot Rod Tweed Deluxe
- Crybaby->EBVPJr->TU-2->TS9->OCD->NS-2->DD-20->DL4->RV-5
Well if you're looking for one pedal to give you OD and dist. You cannot go wrong with the Carl Martin Plexitone. It's probably one of the most amplike pedals I have ever played. Has Crunch, Hi Gain and a 20db boost. Thing is really rad.
Eventide Space, buy one, thank me later
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Oooo Eventide Space is extremely expensive. Any alternatives?
Somewhat I use my DL4 as my Looper mostly.
and that OD looks good, is there any other OD's?
i heard tubescreamers or OCD's are good to?
- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Fender Hot Rod Tweed Deluxe
- Crybaby->EBVPJr->TU-2->TS9->OCD->NS-2->DD-20->DL4->RV-5
Find a Line 6 M9 used, put it in the effects loop. Add an expression pedal if you want to get really crazy. I play lead guitar in two worship bands, and (In my opinion anyways) it makes life so much easier (I use an M13, which is just a bigger model). You would also be able to replace most of your pedals (If you want to anyways. I scrapped most of my board when I got my M13 and have had zero regrets). If you have any questions about it PM me and I can go into more details.

As far as OD's, I would look at a Fulltone OCD. But honestly, your best bet is to go into a store and try out every OD you can.
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Eventide Space, buy one, thank me later

Alternatively, Strymon Blue Sky. I love my Blue Sky.

A POG might well be cool, I wouldn't say essential though.

Fuzz. Fuzz is what you need. A muff varient would be good I would say, either an Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz, or a Blackout Effectors Musket. Both are wicked with some incredible sustain.
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I want to buy one too
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