So here is my new guitar, a PRS Standard 22 in solid white, which I am loving! I decided I wanted a guitar to tune to Open D5 and Open G, for playing some Alter Bridge, Creed, and some of my own stuff inspired by them, while still keeping my main guitar set up just the way I like it.

When playing in these tunings I find it easy to get a beautiful, harmony rich sound, so I wanted to get an angelic white guitar. It does have a few chips and scratches, but hey, an American PRS for less than $1000 USD ain't bad The previous owner replaced the normal rotary knob with a thinner, rigged one, that is actually easier to turn than the regular knob. I may get it replaced with a 3 way toggle but that can wait.

Of course I have to compare it to it's sister guitar, my Custom 22. It has the same essential feel, which fits me perfect. It's neither too heavy or too light, and the neck profile feels great for playing both low rhythm chords and high leads.

The Standard came with an HFS in the bridge and a Vintage Bass in the neck. Before I even tried them I was sure I would replace them with Tremonti pickups, which I have in my Custom. But then I was incredibly surprised how well they handle the Alter Bridge/Creed sound. The HFS does heavy rhythm and solos just as good, and it has a much better clean tone than the Tremonti. The Vintage bass in the neck has more treble, and produces some nice shimmering clean tones and very sweet leads!
PRS. Want. Now.

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Thats an awsome PRS man! What year it is? I see you have the old type locking tuners

Sexy color bro!

The serial starts with 5, making it either a '05 or '95, though I think 95 is more likely since it uses the old tuners and is a little worn.

Yes it took me a moment to figure out how the old tuners work. Personally I prefer the Phase's but these are working out well.

Thanks everyone!
Sweet guitar man, but it just doesn't seem right without the eagles.

HNGD anyway!
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what yr is it?
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