Hey Pit, sorry about making this stupid thread, but there's a movie I saw a while ago and want to watch again.

The story revolved around a young drug dealer and his girlfriend, she starts to die I think and a hobo shows him a time traveling chair. He uses the chair to try and fix events in her life, and everything he does ends up tying the plot together or some shiz.

It's been a while, I want to see it again ;_;




He ends up having to prevent himself from meeting her for her to live. Just in case that helps any more.
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The matrix?

thats the only movie I think is remotely close.
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The matrix?

thats the only movie I think is remotely close.

No. I'll admit it has a ridiculous plot but I thought it was sweet and want to see it again so bad...
it sounds like the plot from time machine
but there isnt any drugs involved .
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Sounds like the ending to The Butterfly Effect, the movie has no hobos or time travelling chair though.
its weird cuz ive seen many time travel related movies and that one , sounds quite odd.
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much love, is it a good movie?

I thought so, kinda reminded me of Donnie Darko in a way.

The whole thing is on youtube with good quality, I hath discovered. It's not that long either, give it a try if you have the time