Hi all
I am trying to get my husband interested in some different music (his typical taste is 80s "rock" and soft rock stuff). He does enjoy ozzy and he said he likes the sound of the guitars in bark at the moon so I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions along those lines. I can't seem to think of any off the top of my head.
A lot of stuff by Iron Maiden, the song 'Shot in the Dark' by Ozzy is a very good song too.

Iron Maidens first album through the Seventh son of a Seventh Son album was where a lot of their good stuff is, after that they change their style up and get a bit proggy around the Brave New World album to their latest album.
Jake E Lee had a similar style to Randy Rhoads compared to Ozzy's other guitarists. Try introducing him to some of Ozzy's earlier solo work. Blizzard/Diary of a Madman, stuff.
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