WooHoo! I am FINALLY back to being a Dean owner!!!

2009 Vendetta 4.0 "Tiger eye"

It's good to be a "valued Customer at your local music store! $275 for this beaut! Been played like twice! Not a scratch, ZERO fret wear! Not a single dead note, and thew action can be set quite low without any buzzing!

Not too thin, not too thick of a neck...1/2 way between my old Schecter C-1 and my Ibanez RGR421EXFM

Mahogany body, Book matched quilt maple top AND back. Neck through with what seems to be a 5 piece neck!

Enough room between the tuners and nut to do your Ironman behind the nut bends...best Grovers I have had yet!

I am surprised that the Dean "Time Capsule" pick-ups sound as good as they do...and with a decent amount of gain! They might just stay in there!

New strings, a truss rod adjustment, and intonation done (along with a little fretboard oiling and polish). Plays great!!!
Now just need to get some Sperzels and strap-locks.

Pre-requisite pron:

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At first I was like Meh, another dean..

Then I saw pics...

Forigve me father, for I have done an unholy thing with a picture of a guitar...

Beautiful...very nice...

I wantz it.
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Off topic, but i'm digging the modded grill on the V3. I bought the polished stainless for mine, but yours definitely has a unique look. Congrats on the guitar!
Nice guitar.Looks good
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HNGD! Enjoy it!
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I absolutely love Dean's Time Capsule pickups haha, the new 4.0's are a serious guitar throughout and play great. They also offer them with OFR's for like $100 more or something new. Hey, you got your wings back!
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Holy moly that looks awesome!!

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HNGD! I like the liquid look of the quilt.

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One of the only deans I like. Although the inlays are horrible imo

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