I heard this dubstep song called Cinema by Skrillex a while ago and I thought to myself. This would be really cool to do on guitar! So I did this rock version of it! And to all you guitarfreaks out there: Check out the guitars at 1:40. can anybody figure out how I'm able to play the dubbletime whammybar thing? Because it took me a while to figure it out... And check out the solo aswell! around 3:40 tell me what you think of it!

Good Time Boys - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) on Youtube
wasn't familiar with the original but listened to it as well now and you guys did an absolutely amazing job! great job transfering all the dubstep stuff to guitars too.
nice clip as well, keep it up!
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awesome video! haha I thought it was gonna be a little kid playing or something

Agree you
I have been watching this video for a month now ... LOVE IT!!! Is there any tabs available for your version online?