i am confused with colour. Which one do you feel is better? Ibanez GRG250P WH or Ibanez GRG270B BKN? Or any other color suggestion in GRG250P and GRG270B series?
the color you like instead of what others like, its your guitar
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Go with the black one

No one's ever thought of buying a black RG

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If me t i really like the blue one too
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You should really consider buying a new amp.

He's not asking about the amp
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He's not asking about the amp

Was obviously a joke.

Granted, not a very good one.
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Save your money, buy a puppy.

was that a joke? Everything has to begin with simple stuff... What do expect? Begin electric guitar with JEM555 or JS1200...? Really nonsense to discuss.
Buy a jem.
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Buy a jem.

ya, donate me money and i will buy a JEM! Hahaha!