Hi Everyone!

I'm currently building a Les Paul and I've got to the stage of routing out the pickup switch and control cavities. I'm having a hard time finding 1:1 scale diagrams/pictures of them on the web. I'm planning to print them out and have them cut out on some MDF and used as templates.

Anyone know where to find the diagrams that are 1:1 scale and are printable?

Thanks in advance!


I will be updating this thread with progress pictures of the guitar.

So here we are:

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I've already got those files, didn't see any measurements for the cavities. Just the body shape.
well if you have those files, you should be able to print them at 1:1 scale, slap them onto the wood and your away... if only it was that easy.

I spent alot of time trying to print the pdf at 100% size, cant remember exactly how I did it but it involved using afew different freeware pdf editors to get the one page schematic converted to multiple pages, printable with my printer. then it was just a matter of lining the 6 or so A4 pages up and taping together.

I've got the ready to print pdf around somewhere if that'd help I can dig it up for you...
i still dont understand why you would try to print and use a template that youre unsure of if youre going to buy the cover already anyways. why not trace the cover and be sure that youre going to have it fit right?
What kind of wood is that? Looks like you have a big knot right where your neck joint is... careful it doesn't explode when you hit it with the router.
It's pine.

I did more work on it today, cleaned up and and sanded it, ready for the Maple top: