what makes it different from other forms of traditional jazz?is there a psychedelic or trippy influence?
It's actually a form of electronic music that uses jazz samples, mostly funkier stuff and fusion.

There's a really cool series of albums that Verve put out called Verve Remixed that's not exactly acid jazz per se, but is the same idea of combining jazz with electronic dance music.

Really, you could have just Googled it. The Wiki article spells it out pretty clearly.

Now, where things get tricky is the difference between acid jazz and nu jazz.
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The "acid" comes from acid house, by the way, not hippies, although there's a little bit of psychedelic influence on acid house.
Jamiroquai is a good example of Acid Jazz.

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The acid in acid jazz prob came from acid house, which I'm pretty sure had something to with LSD at the very least
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Riders On The Storm - The Doors

i guess that would be a fair assesment......always thought the doors were more psych rock though......but then again there's tons and tons of bands from that era that would fit that desription...bands were hard to label ion those days because of the eclectic and varied nature of things
So basically, Acid Jazz is a modern/high-tech form of funk using alot of jazz chords.