Hello all!

I have a Vintage Metal Axxe Warp, and would like to know if any of you would be able to shed some light on it, because my knowledge of it is limited. It was bought for me a few years ago (Must be about 5-6 years now) as a birthday present.

I went into a local music shop and I was told that the model has been discontinued, and the store it was bought from at the time has since closed down.

I can find prices/info/pictures of the standard black gloss model, as well as the black and white model. The only problem is, is that I have the black and yellow version .

Theres no pictures/info/prices or anything about my model anywhere on the internet. Im not sure if it was a one off, or whatever, but here is a link for the Black + White one:


Now where the body is white in that picture, mine is a bright yellow, similar to the colour of a banana!

Anyone able to give me any guide to how much this guitar is worth?

Much appreciated
Really? That low? I remember it being bought for 400+. That was with the amp + carry case though.
if it was bought from a local shop there is a good possibility they got overcharged. My local shop sells Squier Affinity Strats that are $180 new for $300. Some small shops are just way off on their pricing
If £230 is the online price and yours is 5 years old or so and it's a very common copy brand, all made in China, it's not going to be worth much. It's not like it's a desirable model either. Even if you've kept it in very good condition you're looking at somewhere below £100, honestly. If you were to sell it somewhere like eBay then you wouldn't even get that, nobody would pay £100 + shipping so you'd be taking postage out of the price.
Ahh, dissapointing, but interesting!

Obviously you all have more knowledge than I do, is the guitar any good?
This is the spec:
Body: Eastern Poplar
Neck: Maple – Set Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale: 25.5"/648mm
Frets: 24
Neck Inlays: Pearloid Dot/ Vintage 12th
Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ07
Vibrato: Floyd Rose® Double Locking
Pickups: Wilkinson® Double Coil x 2 (N)WMSH (B)WMSH
Hardware: Satin Black
Controls: 1 x Volume/ 1 x Tone/ Super 5-Way Lever

Is it any good as a guitar in itself? Maybe I may actually start playing if it is? :p
Vintage are an okay brand. They're mostly standard copy models, made in China. Basically the same as Squier and some Epiphone models only you pay less because they don't have the big brand name attached to them. As for your specific guitar, who knows. Guitars vary a lot. If it feels good in your hands and stays in tune and makes a nice sound then it's a good guitar. If it fails any of those then it's not good. Spec-wise poplar isn't a great wood and cheap Floyd Rose bridges often have problems but Wlikinson make good hardware and electronics so it evens out.