Hi there, got my GM2 the other day. Sounds amazing and have all my own presets set up and midi controlled already! Love it. No more tapdancing!
Only thing is the input level hardly moves when I play. The manual says to have it up around -3db etc etc. My input level just gets up to -18db if im lucky. It was worse as it was on the 'pro' level in the global menu. Changed it to 'consumer' and it increased but only to as stated above. When I turn the fx loop off the level is normal, if i replace with my boss delay the level is normal. Put the GM2 back and level drops.
(I will add, everything still sounds great but concerned im not getting the most out of it.)
I scoured the net and found a general consensus that the 6505 fx loop has a 'high impedance' output and the GM2 has a ' low impedance' input. Which looking at the GM2 manual is accurate.
So I was thinking of putting a buffer in between the 'fx loop send' and 'GM2 input' as they take in high impedance and put out low impedance. i.e take the 6505 high impedance and put out low impedance for the GM2.
Do you agree with my plan? Will that fix the issue?. Theoretically it does, like I said above. The GM2 needs a low impedance input which the buffer will provide.

Keen to hear some feed back. Thanks
Ok thanks man. I read heaps of forums/reviews but are new to doing my own.