in this video at 3:38 on


i just got a blackstar HT stage 60 and i cannot get close to that sound with the amp i have (so far), is it because the artisan series is made completely differently?

is it remotely possible i can dial in that sound (and the clean ones form the artisan)

or am i doomed to sell this new HT stage 60 i just got and save up for the artisan?

i have the ht stage 60 and have arriving the green rhino MKII overdrive pedal

aarrggghhh, why did i see this after?

the stage sound i thought was "close" and that i could tweak it to the sound in my head. then i found this artisan and it HAD that sound

any ideas? or am i stuck?


- sorry to i am new to amps again after a 20+ year absence
It may just be because they're different amps, or it may be because you just got the HT-60 and need more time with it. Some amps just require a lot of trial and error in searching for a tone before you find "that" sound. It took me three months with my Roadster just to establish my perfect tone on one channel (I wish I was kidding). My recommendation would be to wait for someone with more knowledge than I have to give you some help and to keep tweaking. That Green Rhino that's on the way (If I understood that part correctly) should sound great through the HT-60, which may help a little. I know I love mine.
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The artisans are a different style really. There's a lot more going on in your HT60 than in the Artisans.

You should be able to dial in something like that though. Keep it fairly mid heavy and the gain lowish, the ht should get something approaching that sound.
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wow, thanks guys, gave me some hope. ever have that happen where you find that sound AFTER you have bought something else?

i will give this a whirl. i really like the stage build and look, just was so bummed to hear the sound i was trying to get in my head on the artisan series
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