Well, it wasn't today. It was like a week or so ago, but I was really impressed with this guitar and wanted to write a review while waiting to get an unbiased opinion (although I am pretty unbiased as it is, as I was given the guitar so no attachment or whatever)


I know it's a budget guitar, but I was really surprised at the build quality and sound this thing gets. I just wanted to post something that wasn't the 2-3k guitars alot of us post on NGD's so if someone was looking for a lower priced guitar that still had quality they could see an example of one "in the wild".

So anyway, the required "In Depth" Review

It's pretty much your standard super strat. Basswood body, maple neck, HSS with stock LTD LH pickups, which don't sound bad. It actually sounds pretty darn good with the exception of the neck pickup sounds identical to the bridge pickup under very high gain. Which is kinda odd to me, as I've never had that happen.The only other negative is that it doesn't have very good note separation on any of the pickups. It has great harmonics though that pop up all over the neck when sustaining notes, which impressed me. It also gets the stereotypical stratty sounds in the in between positions and the singles.

The build quality is pretty much flawless. I can't find anything wrong with it. The neck pocket has no gaps in it and everything is very tight. Even the pots . So no quick volume swells here. I'm going to have to change them out or something, I don't know what causes that other than they're probably just crappy pots.

Overall If it didn't have a price tag on it I'd expect it to be about 6-700 dollars. I was very impressed with it. Just going to change out the pickups and pots and It'll be good to go. I was very impressed with LTD quality, it surprises me they build guitars like this at 300 USD (I think is it's price). Maybe I'll have to get an ESP next time I'm in the market for a new guitar
HNGD!! it looks good and even betterrr since you got it for free in that immaculate condition!!
Loving the maple fretboard! I played one LTD that was pretty much identical, minus the top (or is that just some trick?), and I remember being blown away by how good it was, considering how little it cost. Happy NGD!

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