Alright. So last week, my iLok broke. Basically, the USB connector came out (first gen piece of shit). I've got the Zero Downtime Coverage on it but when I submit the RMA, it says they may bill me $50 + $30 shipping for a new iLok. I've already got a replacement one (though I may do it anyways to have a 2nd laying around) but $50 extra dollars. I mean, this puts my total cost up to about $160 that I don't have at the moment. They said they may not charge the $50 for RMA but I don't want to take chances till I get paid.

Anyone have an iLok break? Did you get charged $50 to replace it?
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Yeah, they're used for PT9, my Waves stuff and half my other plugins. I've been down over a week now and prob won't be back up till friday
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That sucks. I remember when my main HDD crashed 3 months ago....I was restoring my data from backup drives and reinstalling programs for 3 days.

I really should just make a HDD image, I always tend to kill my HDDs LOL
Hah, that was my problem 3 weeks ago :p My HD with all my sessions went down. Luckily, its under warranty so I get a new one but the datas gone. Gonna pick up a second and RAID them.
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After loosing a 500GB drive for a second time, I've more than learned my lesson.
I pay a subscription service to back everything up online.....Crashplan Plus....great service and fast backup, far better than Carbonite in my opinion.

On top of that, I sync my internal drives with an external so in the end I have 3 copies which is cheap and easy.
If my motherboard had more SATA ports I'd do a RAID5 config so I would not have to manually sync weekly but I've only got 2 ports on this old machine.
Hmm, I like the looks of Crashplan. Easily worth the $5 a month it looks like.
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