Hey guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue. I play a 5 string bass, typically in some variant of drop A, but none of the tuners that I've tried (pitchblack, M13's built in tuner, amplitube) are registering the low A. How do you guys accurately tune your low string if you play in A or lower? Is there a tuner out there that will actually register these low frequencies?
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I do a harmonic on the 12th. Works perfectly for me.
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If it picks up the E just tune it relative.
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If I'm trying to play my 5 string bass in Drop A I just hold the 7th fret and tune to E. 12th fret harmonic as av0n said is probably a better idea actually.
Harmonic idea is good, my TC polytune works nicely that low too.
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My Korg GT-10 can handle my low G string nice and easy.
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Harmonic at 12th or 5th fret. If your bass has a good setup it should be good :3
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My Korg DTR-1000 can do it, but it's a bit pricey for a tuner. I heard the Sabine rackmount tuner is also nice if you're into that stuff.
I have a little Korg CA-1. It tracks down to 23hz~ on a flubby .080 guitar string.
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