I wrote this today. It's fairly obvious what it's written about, I think. All feedback is massively appreciated, I'm fairly new to songwriting, although I've admired lyrics and poetry for a while.. One last thing, I'm not sure whether or not to include "ever long" in the last line of the chorus; any ideas?

Cheers folks,



As I sink into the sofa
I find myself flickering through
Photo albums inside my mind
And then all thoughts direct to you

The red wine bottle seems to
empties itself continuously
as I see your place vacant
And imagination paints my dream.

We'll work it out,
And it'll be the same
as when you dismounted
our ever long cavalcade

I watch you through a screen
with enigmatic pixels
scaterring through the scene
like stonework by a chisel

The album needs closing
Before salt water falls,
One drop can be expected,
But I wont allow any more.

We'll work it out,
And it'll be the same
As when you dismounted
Our ever long cavalcade.