I have been playing metal for a while now and have grown tired of it (metal meaning high gain amps, EMGs, etc). Recently I've been more into different genres of rock, and bands such as incubus, circa survive, foo fighters. I have a mexican strat that I am looking to replace the pickups in (and the rest of the electronics inevitably) so my question is which pups in the style of the above mentioned bands would work well in a S-S-S configuration? I've been looking at the Billy Corgan Dimarzios but I wanted some other opinions in case there is something more suitable out there. Thanks!
dimarzio are generally good for that stuff. use the pickup selector on the website and then check out what each pup that they recommended to you sounds like on youtube and choose the one you like best.
The Seymour Duncan JB jr is a great strat pick up for rock. Also look at the Hot Rails.

You could also buy a HSS pickguard and throw a full sized HB in the bridge.
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