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Pretty nice, I like it. I would say that the distortion guitar, both lead and rhythm, needs to come way up in volume though. The clean intro is really nice and I was waiting for the main riff to come in nice and loud, but it came in at the same volume as the clean part.
I like the chord progression, pretty similar to the kind of thing my friend and I use quite a bit. That kind of blend of high lead/power chord backing is very similar to our style.

Favourite bit was probably how you went back into the chorus, with the lead coming in first and then the slide into the power chords. Might I make a suggestion though? When you do that try only playing that first chord once through before the change instead of the usual twice, cause atleast to my ear the gap/slide is the first loop or whatever, and so when the first power chord then plays through twice it feels like a time too many. Dunno if that makes sense.

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Not entirely my style but commenting strictly on the mix - I hear absolutely no bass at all, and the guitar needs to be high passed, those low frequencies are popping in unpleasantly during the palm muting. The tone itself is a bit constricted, if there is a lowpass I would raise the frequency range, or if there is no lowpass then I would add some mid/high range to the guitars to brighten them up. Drums sit nicely too, seems like you've done the best you can with them. I wouldn't bring the heavy parts up, rather I would bring the clean parts down. The sound like they might be a bit more over compressed.
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Work on the mix. If there's bass at all, I can't hear it, and overall, the heavy part shouldn't be quieter than the clean intro. And this might just be a problem on my end, but is it normalized?
Musically, it's not bad at all, even if it gets a bit repetitive. With a bit more variation, it could probably pass as a Bullet song. Kinda reminds me of "Another Source Of Light" by Threat Signal.
You're off to a great start.