I wasn't sure if this should go under the technique forum or this one, but I have quite a bit of trouble timing my wah pedal with my playing, for example, the solo of Sweet Child O' Mine, Hallowed Be Thy Name or Bark at the Moon. I'm just so focused on playing the solo, I can't do the wah pedal properly, has anyone ever had this problem before? If you have, how did you overcome it? None of the above solos that I mentioned are difficult for me, but when I try to use the wah pedal, I start to mess up on the solo. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

By the way I have a Dunlop GCB 95 crybaby if that helps at all?
If you can't do something, the only way to fix it is to practice. That's the only thing that will help you.
Looks like you don't have the wah-talent.

You are never going to be a good wah-pedalist like Kirk Hammett.

Honestly, just practice if you don't get it right.
I never had a problem from the first day I picked up a wah.
You're pretty much either keeping the beat with your foot on the wah, or putting your foot down on the note. It's not very difficult and should easily be solved by more practice.

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start setting your foot a beat to stick to before the solo and then during the solo start using the wah and your foot should press the wah properly automatically. its like using you foot as a metronome and... tah dah! a wah effect comes out of no where.
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