Anyone have any thoughts on the quality of this guitar? Own one or have played it?

[ Body ] 40mm Mahogany Body with 10mm Carved Maple Top
[ Neck ] Set Mahogany Neck
[ Fingerboard ] Resinator Fretboard with Hagstrom 6mm Dot Position Marks
[ Truss Rod ] H-Expander Truss Rod
[ Tuning Keys ] Hagstrom 18:1 Die Cast Tuners
[ Scale Length ] 24.75” Scale
[ Pickups ] 2x Hagstrom Custom 60 Humbuckers
[ Pickup Selector ] 3-Way Toggle
[ Bridge ] Long Travel Tune-O-Matic with Hagstrom Stop Tail Piece and 6 Individual Brass String Blocks
[ Controls ] 1x Volume / 1x Tone
Hagstrom guitars are amazing for their price. I have an Hagstrom Swede ($500 Les Paul replica) and it looks, sounds, feels and plays better than any Epiphone. Even better than a real Les Paul Studio. Go for it!
I've got a D2H, it's fantastic. The pickups in them are really nice sounding. Got mine for 299 brand new (lefty that had been sitting in the store for over 2 years) I'd have no regrets even if I paid 400 to 500 for it
Great guitars for little money
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