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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

Pretty cool stuff man. The riffs definitely have excellent drive to them. The drums sound pretty good as well - cymbals may seem a tad bit artificial, I think lessening there presence in the higher frequencies might be a bit better.

The solo/ lead bit is way loud, it makes the rhythm guitars seem very weak after that. The clean tone behind it was a bit bland, maybe spice it up with some accents in the mid range, make it shine a bit more.

There are some minor timing issues in the gallops and riffs near the end but its nothing a quick re-record cant fix.

altogether a very solid song, with no vocals it seems to drag on a tad - so the faster you get vocals in there the better, the song needs it.


Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


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