Here is a demo of a original song ive been working. Excuse the crappy lyrics (wrote em in a hurry) also i recorded the vocals a while back, much better at the song now, I want to re record soon, but before I do I could use some suggestions.

Hey dude. thought that was pretty awesome. Sounded to me like Cure esque vocals with a really cool dark feel to the guitar and the delay's on the vocals and guitars really made the song. Couple of suggestions, I didn't like that the drums dropped out so much, but perhaps it didn't work without it, also consider shorting it. It's a cool idea but sometimes felt my self a little bored at the repetitiveness, especially because there are not alot of dynamics. Cheers, tell me when you record a new version, pretty keen to hear where it goes.
Thanks for the listen and the constructive review. I appreciate it.

Yes, the drums sucked, why? because they were a drum loop lol. Anyway, I have some other ideas that id like to add to the song, it is very repetitive. I also will be buying an actually vocal mic to record with (i used a built in mac mic..) so once I get some free time i'm going to re record, with actual drums haha.

Thanks again kmister.