Im looking ofr a rack power amp . i was looking for solid state poweramp if possible . something clear power to power multifx , pedals etc.. , transparent if possible

- rocktron velocity 300

- art sla-2 ( its a p.a poweramp but ive heard of it for guitar use ?? )

- some others .

Question ... can CROWN and other p.a type poweramp can power a 8ohm cab ??? .

some people seem to use them for guitar . could it blow them off ?? .

im talking about power amp like these :


they are mainly P.A poweramp .. can they power cab ??

any suggestion on the best Solid state power amp for guitar ( i have a 1x12 8ohm cab to power ) .

thank you .

wasnt it Kurt Cobain who use Crown poweramp to power cab in his rig ???


any danger of blowing up the whole thing doing this ??
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